UPPING the Downside: 64 Strategies to Create Professional Resilience by Design

Upping the Downside

"UPPING the downside" is a be-ready-for-anything guide that ought to accompany all professionals into the future. Mike Jay of Leadership University, and Sandy McMullen along with 9 other contributors launched this rich resource which sky-rocketed to #30 on Amazon’s Best Seller list that day:

Most people think resiliency is about the ability to bounce back, or about having a hardy personality. While these are partially true, the most resilient person is one who is READY FOR ANYTHING!

The more resilience you are, the more prepared you are for whatever events and circumstances life brings you. I’m sure you’ll agree, with the stresses of today’s shaky economy we all need to be much more resilient!

This book contains essays on resilience and a survey of 64 strategies so that you can chose the best path to start to build your resilience.

Sandy’s article “Living Artfully” explores aspects of living and working aligned with your strengths and preferences so that your work has the sustainability that comes from your innate genius.

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