Inner Landscapes I: The Reiss Desire Profile Brought to Life Through Art

Guide to the Reiss Desire Profile

In 2005, the first INNER LANDSCAPES show was part of the programming for International Coaching Awareness Month. Twenty four paintings brought research by Dr. Steven Reiss on sixteen core motivators to life. The show was well received and so interactive that one person described it as theatre.

People came into the RedEye Gallery in Toronto’s Historic Distillery District during the mid-February freeze, took their coats off and wandered from painting to painting deciding how each of the sixteen desires plays in their lives. Mothers and daughters, lovers, and friends - pairs of all descriptions discovered Ah-ha moments in seeing their different reactions to the desires.

The PDF of the show guide gives an overview of a sample profile, a description of each trait and an explanation of how each painting fits into the profile.

This guide will give you clear insights into the Reiss Desire Profile, how it may be of value to you in your own self development or add to your work with clients.

PDF $12.50 USD (download emailed upon receipt of payment)