Inner Landscapes II PowerPoint Presentation

This Visual Guide to the MBTI brings an added dimension to the journey of self-knowledge and discovery
Inner Landscapes II PowerPoint presentation CD

This unique visual exploration of the MBTI through art in a powerpoint format provides individuals with a way to discover their MBTI preferences. Discovering your MBTI type facilitates greater self-knowledge. This in turn provides individuals with a way to apply MBTI learning to their work… fostering empathy toward others, and effective teamwork.

This is a perfect introduction to this typology and a helpful tool for MBTI practitioners and other type professionals to use with their clients.

Fully customizable to suit the needs of your individual clients or workshop participants, this PowerPoint is meant to accompany your copy of Inner Landscapes II.

This PowerPoint contains: 55 slides of images and text from which to design an introductory workshop to suit your needs.

Includes: paintings of the four preference pairs, the 16 type matrix, a sample of the Step II distinctions and the temperaments.


US$99 (download link emailed)