Emerging Leadership Journal

Emerging Leadership Journal

Emerging Leadership invites leaders to imagine a new context for their leadership and organizational life.

This journal has proven to be popular with coaches and consultants as a vehicle to inspire the reflective practice of journaling for their clients. It is also perfect for that individual who has embarked on a learning journey and who wishes to capture their thoughts and their future possibilities.

Mary Stacey of Context Management Consulting shepherded this collaboration with Michael Jones, leadership educator and pianist, (www.pianoscapes.com) and with artist Sandy McMullen from idea to reality - bringing together a selection of Michael’s inspiring quotes and a cover design from Sandy’s Leon series in to a truly lovely journal that reminds us that imagination is increasingly required to lead in complex systems.

Every other page inspires with quotes from Michael’s new book, “Artful Leadership: Engaging the Commons of the Imagination...

“The question we need to be asking is not how to make a system do something, but how to work together in alignment with what is already emerging”.

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Book specifications | Spiral bound, 9" x 7", 128 pages.