Profiles at a Glance

Each assessment tool measures something different. When you only have a view of yourself through the lens of one tool, you have a very limited palette from which to paint a picture of who you are.

There are a myriad of tests such as True Colours, DISC, Social Styles, Insights, the Kolbe and they all add to our understanding. Some assessments make more sense for certain applications. It is important to pick the right assessment for the context that you are working in and the kind of conversation that is needed in the moment.

Here are four assessment tools that I use to help people gain self-knowledge.


The first is the MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Inventory) which is based on Jungian typology and looks specifically at the different ways we prefer to take in information and make decisions. Each of the 16 types has one ways of processing that dominates and flavours how we show up day to day and under stress. To learn more continue reading.


The second is the Enneagram which is a model of nine worldviews. This tool is brilliantly accurate in identifying our core motivation and resulting approach to the world. Our MBTI flavors the way our Enneagram type shows up. To learn more about the nine different styles and which one is most like you continue reading.

Reiss Motivation Profile

The third is a trait based model called the Reiss Motivation Profile. Dr. Steven Reiss’s research reduced all desires, wants and needs to 16 core desires – 14 of which are found in animal behaviour. Each of us has a relationship to each desire in a particular constellation with some ranking stronger or weaker than others. Read more about which desires may play a role in your motivational profile.

Emotional Intelligence

The fourth assessment is a tool that looks at Emotional Intelligence and the eighteen core competencies that make up the model used in the Hay’s group 360 assessment tool. Research and the opinion of those in the workplace agree that emotional intelligence counts as part of the overall requirements of a leader or successful independent business person. Skill and knowledge are necessary but not sufficient and it can mean derailment if you don’t pay attention to the Emotional Intelligence competencies that are required in your realm. Discover what these competencies can mean for your success.