Take the MBTI

Why take the official Myers-Briggs Type Indicator?

When you are curious about what your MBTI type might be, you will also want to make sense of what that means to your day to day interactions. The best way to be clear on your type is through an official MBTI instrument from a professional who is trained and certified to administer the test. The ethical use of the MBTI includes a person to person verification of the results with a qualified practitioner.

There are numerous “free” assessments on the web that claim to identify your MBTI type. However none of these are the real thing. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator has evolved since it’s inception in 1943. There is a tremendous body of research and continual enhancements that have led to increasingly accurate questions. The registered MBTI adheres to the highest standards while the “free” online tools have not passed the rigors of research testing for the reliability or validity of their results

What is the Step II?

This MBTI questionnaire is longer and more comprehensive. Each pair of preferences is broken down into five distinctions which are known as facets. The results show how clear your preference is for each of these distinctions. This adds depth to our in understanding of a person’s uniqueness within his or her type.

When people are having a difficult time deciding between a pair of preferences, the Step II can help explain the dynamics. For example, one of the facets or distinctions within the Thinking and Feeling dichotomy is a scale that measures Tough and Tender. While I have a preference for Feeling, I am “out of preference” in one of the five facets because there are times for me when the ends justify the means and the hard decision simply has to be made. Understanding my preference for “Tough” has helped me to make sense of my worldview and resulting behaviour in particular situations.

The Step II has a detailed and thorough report that adds to your understanding of the nuances of your personality and ways that you can apply that knowledge in your life. You can preview a sample report here.

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