Enneagram North is the hub of Enneagram activity in Ontario. Margaret Rao has been studying the Enneagram for many years – well let’s just say she is well steeped.

This event just crossed my path and I wanted to share it because sub-types tell you so much in a concise way plus this event is offered at such a tantalizing price.

And that my friends appeals to self-preservation sub-types – like me.

If you attend – come and say HI

Saturday, March 26 1:30-3:30 p.m.

Toronto First Unitarian Congregation
175 St. Clair Avenue West @ Avenue Road, Toronto

The Enneagram is a practical and powerful tool for understanding self and others, incorporating ancient spiritual wisdom with modern psychology. This 3 hour workshop will offer an overview of our instinctual subtypes – self-preservation, sexual (intimate) and social and how they play out in our everyday lives. Saturday, March 26 from 1:30 – 4:30 p.m in the library. Fee $5.00

Please reply to or (416) 658-0998

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Kick start 2011 with creativity. Sure you can do a purely analytical approach to planning and designing the next 12 months but even if you do, nothing brings your plans to life like making them visual. We are accustomed to taking in information through text, live “talking head” presentations or visual media. These are passive modes of learning and retention is limited. There is a an old saw that guides teachers SAY SEE DO when planning lessons in order to ensure participation and retention. Say little. See more. Do a lot. Kolb’s Learning Styles Inventory describes 4 aspects of the learning cycle:

  1. Concrete Experience – (CE)
  2. Reflective Observation – (RO)
  3. Abstract Conceptualization – (AC)
  4. Active Experimentation – (AE)

I am offering two options for anyone in the Toronto area who wants to kick start their year with a day that sits outside the box and highlights steps 1, 3 and 4 in Kolb’s cycle plus incorporates visual, auditory and kinesthetic experiences. Passive input will be replaced with total engagement. So much so that time will fly.

Visioning Through Collage will connect you to what’s important, get ideas flowing and provide insights that might surprise you. Expressive Explorations offers 4 possibilities to shake things up, unleash parts of you that have been stifled – put aside or ignored for too long.

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Facebook had a quiz that dubbed itself an MBTI quiz going the rounds and it spread like wild fire. These things are fun in a way but they have two problems. One is they aren’t tested validated instruments and second they turn this valuable tool into a parlour game.

CPP the official publishers of the tried and true Myers Briggs Type Indicator has addressed this in a rather inspired fashion. Until the end of November they are offering a very sweet price to allow people to experience the real deal.

If you took a faux version of the MBTI on Facebook or elsewhere on the web I encourage you to invest $19.95 for a $40 savings and a solid result.

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I’ve attended various events where the topic of the inter-generational aspect of the workplace has been discussed, dissected, labeled and yet still left open and somehow unresolved.

One thing that I do know that is the same for me now as it always has been is that I want to push the edges of who I am. I want to contribute and I definitely don’t want to be relegated to the corner (Oh Patrick Swayze – taking Baby out of the corner was a “best ever” moment and I hope you can hear my thanks).

This brings me to a personal exploration I have been immersed in since creating and submitting two paintings for an art show called “The Last Taboo.”

Moses Znaimer is a Toronto media legend – founding the “at that time” cutting edge CITY-TV and now venturing into reimaging what it means to be 45 plus by putting the Zip into Boomer in his ZoomerShow 2009 – a Lifestyle Expo to be held this month. He is curating an art show called “The Last Taboo” as a way of inviting commentary on how people of a certain age are relegated to the corner because WE (whoever we are) are not comfortable reconciling aging with sensuality, sexuality, individualism and either turn away or label people as “cute”.

So my question to you is “what don’t you want to know about, think about or see when it comes to aging?”

That’s it… that’s my question

since I was limited to 250 words in my submission I will continue.

If you are curious about how some of my thinking on aging has been spinning over the last month by all means continue. If not – Ciao until next time!

The Great Escape
Simply doesn’t exist. That is if you think you can escape aging it eventually catches up with you in some form or other. AND THERE ARE PARTS OF IT THAT SUCK. But the real question is “so what?” Now comes the time to put my money where my mouth is and to carry on living what I say I believe. Doing this when it is easy …is …well … easy. So now I get to be ME regardless of aches and pains and all the tiny things that mark out “aging”. Some people become their complaints and I don’t wish to do that.

The Real Taboo
I have been looking at nature and getting curious about how our observation of the cycle of life influences our attitudes. We seem to accept growth and decline in nature but I wonder if at a certain level how much of our taboo against aging is really about our fear of death.

The Role of Acceptance
Carl Jung is quoted as saying, “What you resist persists.” Being in denial or resistance to aging actually defeats the achievement of a desired way of being. All the energy goes into the resistance. Acknowledging what is real and accepting it is not a surrender. It is a liberation. Now I can ask “Given what is real for me now – what do I want to create next?”

My Interpretation
Let me start with the end – my birth sign is Cancer and I often wander sideways into things just like a crab walks sideways. I did the last painting first

What's on Your Horizon?

What's on Your Horizon?

What's on Your Horizon?

Every evening at the cottage I sit on the dock and watch the sunset and then the following morning lift my head off my pillow to watch the sun rise from my bedroom window. At some point the sun on the horizon looks the same . That led me to ask what I wanted to have on my horizon? What did I want to have the sun rise on now in my life? It wasn’t going to be anything CUTE or part of any RED Hat Society. I painted the colours of the sky when it is ablaze with the crimson of the sun. Stepping into that colour in my life…yes… I say YES to that!!!!

I did a twitter search on “old people” and got a cross section of attitudes from disgusting to enlightening. I made a banner of this search by adding a Twitter background of a combo of my Twitter background and a painting of the word ACCEPT.

I blanket stitched it on because I thought the juxtaposition of Social Media and blanket stitching was hilarious and part of how I want to go forward… still a bit sassy yet not trying hard to be anything but who I am.

Back to the Beginning
This painting tells of the four seasons, and the story nature tells in the trees that surround me in my Fenelon Falls retreat. This really is the beginning of my exploration by having a look at “what is”. The truth is that the old tree really is magnificent.

The rings that make up the core of the tree contain all the seasons before. Developmental work is similar. No matter where we are on any developmental model (Torbert, Spiral Dynamics, Maslow) we bring with us the elements of the previous levels in the model or at least we are in a stronger position if those previous elements are as developed as they ought to be.

This is a comforting and inspiring thought. I have earned the rings of my inner core. It is not up to me to change society’s attitudes. It is up to me to work with my own beliefs and to shift them if I have put myself in a corner.


Magnificence of Age

Magnificence of Age

If you have read this far … you might want to stay and watch this 2:47 minute video. In it you can see the influence the beauty of nature has had in inspiring me to step up to the taking on the next decade of my life with grace and all the flair I can grab onto.

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Poet David Whyte

Poet David Whyte

The first part of the title of David Whyte’s new book is “The Three Marriages” which might set up some expectations about the personal nature of this day and a half event. It is in the second part of the title “Reimagining Work, Self, and Relationships” that you get a glimpse of the depth and complexity of David’s work.

How we are at work and who we are at work are questions we rarely take the time and space to consider beyond surface considerations. This is a rare opportunity to spend time with the poet whose role is stirring hearts and minds with the magic of his craft.

In this intimate conversational forum we will look far beyond the notion of work-life balance to strengthen our identity within work and relationships, and the leadership centre from which we take action. Along the way we may discover that we become more interesting when we get out of the dynamics of self-entrapment and fall in love – with a work, a person, a future, or with an imaginative sense of self.

This offering by Context Consulting in the Remarkable Leadership Series is for those who understand the value of deeper look at their reality and are ready to transform their leadership to something that inspires – both themselves and others.

This will be a small group so there are only a very limited number of spaces still available. It would be lovely to see you there. Visit Context’s registration page

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Here’s a conversation I just completed with Kris Kiler of TypeLabs about the upcoming series of MBTI experts presenting this Fall. Even though Kris’s sales page is eloquent in telling the story of this training offer I wanted to find out a little more about his thinking in putting this series together.

Q. What has been missing in the way people have been using type related tools and materials?

A. A lot of professionals get qualified and get back to their organization or business and do a couple of MBTI interpretations – maybe an intro workshop – and wonder “What’s next?.” Next, they buy a package of materials like the “Introduction to Type” series and get re-energized. These professionals get a surprising reminder about the value of continuing training and development when they get into their 2-4 hour workshop on teams or communication when people start asking for examples or have questions about what to do with their team or how to use this information in performance reviews. They get stuck.

What’s missing is access to a continuing stream of learning about psychological type (and related models) and applications to these models. I think at one point I heard there were 30,000 people qualified to use the MBTI and this doesn’t count all of the professionals that are using other type instruments without qualification. This many people and we only get 400-500 people at the Association for Psychological Type conference. There’s a disconnect with how these professionals are introduced to the model and what it takes to be effective in the long term use of the theory.

Q. How did you choose the Experts that are presenting in this series?

A. The experts I chose for this series are people who I highly regards as experts in their particular field or study and have known for a long time. These individuals have devoted their professional careers to understanding, applying, and furthering the theory of psychological type and the related models. I will say that the list of experts in this community is long and I plan on continuing to lay the blueprint out for practitioners for years to come.

Q. Is there any aspect of how people are currently using type that you wanted to include but couldn’t this time ’round?

Well, my list of programs initially was 20. I’m known as someone who tends to set the bar high but the feedback I received from customers that were contacted as preliminary research had indicated that I need to cut that into at least half. The program ended up with 8 and we’ll see how the community reacts to the lineup. I expect to continue to introduce more Type Practitioner Blueprint series in the future.

Q. What do you see happening as a result of this series?

My goal is to expose every practitioner to these programs. And by practitioner, I mean anyone that is committed to using type effectively with clients and organizations. This could be someone who is a qualified/certified trainer (either internal or external), professional coaches and consultants who teach this information to their clients and the leader or manager who advocates the constructive use of the theory and the understanding of individual differences in their organization. I hope that we see a shift in how people see the value of type and the related models like temperament and social styles and start integrating the information into their programs, teams, and personal communications. This is just the start of a new wave and community of practitioners dedicated to the constructive use of individual differences.

Click for a full outline of the series. Friday (today) is the end of the special reduced pricing.

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Creativity is a requisite competency in today’s workplace. In “A Whole new Mind” Daniel Pink describes it as one of six areas to be leveraged in a world where knowledge and skills are no longer sufficient to distinguish yourself in the marketplace.

Marci Segal has studied and mastered facilitating the emergence of creativity in all aspects of work and play – for individuals, in families and for organizations large and small.

The word “creativity” often triggers protests and denial… “Not for ME…I’m not creative.” Marci understands environments that foster a wide spectrum of creative contributions. She also has expertise in understanding individual differences and dynamics after years facilitating and teaching the Myers Briggs Type Indicator. The result is an approach to creativity that gets everyone in the picture – yes – even you.

Marci was one of the first instructors I had in doing my MBTI training. Her style is upbeat and engaging. She gets you into action right from the start.

Marci is one of the eight presenters in the series on applying type in the workplace offered by TypeLabs. The price for this series had been drastically reduced but that special pricing ends Friday.

If you have been thinking that you’d like something to rev up your energy and refresh your approach, check out this offer. It’s all about application – learning you can actually use in your work.

Learn more by clicking on the link below.

Type Practitioner Blueprint
Get training from 8 international psychological type experts

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Type Practitioner Blueprint
Get training from 8 international psychological type experts

If you are a coach, personality type practitioner, a consultant in leadership development or a leader wanting to step into new levels of excellence, you get tons of invitations to trainings and seminars. Right? Some are tempting and you want to do them but there is often a BUT… It might mean traveling to another city for a conference, you don’t have the time or you aren’t certain if this is the right thing right now. Well Kris Kiler of TypeLabs has brought together a program that is a “no brainer” for anyone wanting to refresh and reenergize their work.

Learn from the learners and innovators in the field of personality typology
When I saw the list of experts that Kris has brought together I was so excited. I know the work of five of the eight and two of these people were the ones who I did my first MBTI training with so I can personally vouch for the impact that they have made in my life. Imagine having an opportunity to learn from them again without having to get on a plane. That works for me!

As I looked over this list these folks have all continued to learn and develop their knowledge and use of type – no one here is resting on their laurels or repackaging old material. This is new thinking with new approaches that will inspire and inform how you work with others as well as enhance your own leadership capacity. The focus with all eight of these experts is on application. This will be so much more than learning for learning sake. That is part of what makes this line-up so exciting.

A Stellar Line – Up

Marci Segal: Language to Leverage for Creative Thinking

Dario Nardi: 8 Keys to Self-Leadership

Peter Geyer: Psychological Type: Interpretation and Development from Jung to Today

Daniel Liew: Cross Cultural Communication and Psychological Type

Scott Campbell: Using Social Styles to Be a Better Leader

Hile Rutledge: Making Type Training Experiential

Pam Fox Rollin: Coaching People Through Type-related Blindspots

Susan Gerke: Driving Team Performance from the Inside Out

The Whole Menu or Skip Right to Dessert

Kris has set this program so that you can sample from this great menu or enjoy the whole feast at a special discounted rate. These experts represent the best leaders in their field from Canada, the US, the UK, Malaysia and Australia. Type professionals and others who are passionately interested in using the latest thinking in creating workplaces that actually work for people will be on these calls. This will truly be a global conversation.

Run don’t walk to sign up now by clicking on the link below. I will see you there.

Type Practitioner Blueprint
Get training from 8 international psychological type experts

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On Thursday June 4th the MBTI paintings from Inner Landscapes II will be a springboard for a creative look at the Myers Briggs Type Inventory. Hugh Wilson is VP of Programs for the Dallas/Fort Worth Chapter of the Association for Psychological Type promises a fast paced highly interactive session… chock full of creative exercises.

Hugh points out that learning and FUN go hand in hand. One of the compelling reasons to do paintings of the MBTI in the first place was to engage people in an innovative way.This book has proven to be an engaging way for MBTI presentation participants to determine their preferences. The inventory itself is one part of the equation and discovering the best fit in each preference pair not only helps determine type but also helps make the links so that this new understanding can be of value in the workplace and at home.

You can see a preview of some of the slides Hugh will be using here

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