Success comes in cans

This phrase came across my radar screen just after I posted my last blog that started with a litany of “can’ts”. The visual of the can really adds punch to the idea and lightens any heavy pressure to perform.

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Networking – you either love it or you don’t.

Some groups seem friendlier and less threatening than others.

Even though I have a preference for Extraversion I have an aversion to networking, but perhaps that is obvious in the tone of this post.

It is hard enough to explain my passions to people who know me well, but a roomful of strangers is daunting.

I understand that those with a preference for Introversion can be both competent and capable when it comes to networking. I can just imagine that a room full of strangers could result in an energy draining experience for many Introverts.

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ET - Someone has to decide

One study of 26,477 persons in a Leadership Development Program at the Center for Creative Leadership, reported the following percentage frequencies:

1. ISTJ 18.2%

2. ESTJ 16.0%

3. ENTJ 13.1%

4. INTJ 10.5%

All types can be effective leaders. And conversely all types can be ineffective. There are certain types that predominate and this study illustrates the tendency to see the Thinking preference in leaders profiles. Even though these MBTI profiles or preferences are not an indication of capacity or capability, many of us have been predisposed to turn to those who make quick decisions when we are looking for leadership.

A recent study Psychometrics Canada interviewed HR professionals:

When asked to rate the importance of various leadership skills to success, 90% reported that communication is critically important, followed by dealing with change (52.6%), managing people (48.2%), setting goals (37.5%), solving problems (30.3%) and project management (12%).

We are recognizing the importance of reflection and developing strong relationships and ultimately expanding our view of leadership beyond decision making.

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Inntuition - I Just Know

When you ask someone with a preference for Intuition how they came to understand something to be true for them, they can come up with a logical rational explanation. If truth be told they often just know. Different threads come together so that those who prefer Intuition SEE the pattern and it all becomes clear. Then they seek to back it up with some rationale.

Those who are versed in developing critical thinking skills in decision making, may find relying on Intuition unreliable. I use my Intuition all the time. I also trust that I can distinguish when it is the kind of decision where it is necessary to take a more refined look weighing what I believe against critical criteria.

The thing is my Intuition has been a reliable guide at least 90% of the time.

How do I know that’s true – you may ask? I just know.

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Extraverted Overdrive

This is a true story. A colleague who happens to be aware of the MBTI and her preference for Introversion has designed her life to have an apartment in the city and a weekend retreat that she escapes to for 3 to 4 day weekends whenever possible. She is also not shy about requesting some quiet if she finds herself in extraverted overwhelm.

She told me about a recent car trip with her very clearly extraverted boyfriend who realizing that she was at the end of her rope after three days of facilitating client work was trying to accommodate her need for some quiet. He couldn’t just shut up for the life of him. She was incredulous that he went on and on and on about his intention. His attempt at silence was deafening.

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In MBTI terminology Feeling is one of the two preferences for making decisions. It is not about making decisions based on emotion but rather based on values and how the decision will impact the people involved.

The English language being as complex as it is, has many meanings for the same word. When we ask “How are you feeling?” to mean “What emotional state are you experiencing?” many people with either Thinking or Feeling preference cannot give a specific answer.

Self-awareness is one of the Emotional Intelligence competencies and it is a valuable exercise to ask and answer “What am I feeling?” with some specificity. Sometimes the awareness of our current state is sufficient to shift it – if necessary. “Fine” as an answer is less than enlightening.

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MBTI Cartoon

People with a preference for INTP seem to have finely tuned radar that let’s them look at any situation and literally “see” the underlying principles involved. Understanding the requisite guiding principles for the best result and then operating accordingly is second nature. Therefore they may also measure the success of an endeavour by how closely the result matches these guiding principles.

What may not be second nature is fully understanding that others do not necessarily process the same way. People with different preferences may need help to make the connection between a particular principle and the behaviours that go along with it.

I can imagine that it is disappointing to the INTP when the people act in a way that goes counter to agreed principles. It is worth taking the time up front to help make some links.

“If we say we agree on these principles what does that look like in action?”

It may also seem too obvious but keeping a running check in will keep “drift” from being inevitable.

“Does this current direction align with our principles?”

Do you have a set of operating principles for how you conduct your business (or career)?

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ISTJ - Roles and responsibilites

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This MBTI based cartoon is based on a direct quote from an ISTJ. I love the word “obviously” smack in the middle of this summation. I can imagine someone who knows what their place is in the organizational structure and abides by all of the spoken and unspoken traditions that accompany the org chart. Efficient, orderly, organized and a strong dose of being realistic. The job at hand gets done – fun, frivolity and spontaneity may not be in the job description here.

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Negotiation 101_0002

The best negotiations occur when the goal is a WIN for both parties. Nevertheless when you arrange to speak second you understand the territory better and can make a more strategic offer. No use giving away the farm (or castle).

Do you think negotiating is easier for some types than others? What is your best advice?

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I know how you feel

When someone is talking from their ideals, from their heart, a quick thrust to the bottom line can be a jolt and can seem abrasive. Here’s a tip for uber-analytical types “When someone is waxing enthusiastically, soften the delivery if you want to be heard.”

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