Sandy McMullen

Sandy McMullen

I am passionately intrigued by human potential and expressing all of who we are in life in general and our work in particular. My ENFP type is perfectly suited to my mission of helping people align who they are with what they do. You can see from this in the description of my type.

“Giving Life an Extra Squeeze” Warmly enthusiastic, spontaneous, imaginative, and flexible … ENFP’s see life as full of possibilities, and they are attracted to new ideas, new people and new activities. They care for others, and readily give appreciation and support.

For me assessment tools are one of many ways to enter into a conversation about our essential nature and what's important to us. How we cultivate the leader within and integrate that into our work is the territory that continually draws me out to explore, and learn and grow.

My deepest learning has come through experience. Parenting and painting have taught me a lot about how I can dig deep and reach high. The joy of being fully engaged, the value of play and the beauty of staying real and open moment to moment are part of my curriculum both as a mom and as an artist. When I apply this trilogy to my work as a coach then I also am able to make my biggest contribution.

I love to create inviting and open environments that allow people to bring their passion, insight and creativity to the table. A great day for me is engaging with individuals and/or groups to deepen their self-knowledge and to apply their insights to their role as leaders within their business life.

As a coach, I am guided by the principle that leadership is not a mechanical operation rather it is an art form built on something deeper and intangible.

My Learning Journey
In 1989, after a once in a lifetime trip in the splendor of the first growth rain forest of Haida Gwai, I began a learning journey starting with NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming). NLP is known as the art and science of excellence, studying and modeling people who were masterful in their fields. It helped me to understand and respect how we each process differently and to begin to loosen the grip of my embedded points of view.

It became clear to me that there was often a gap between what Kegan calls “espoused theory” and “theory in action”. Learning different models of personality type and trait theory helped me to hold up a mirror in order to gain self knowledge of what is actual - not what I wished was so. Acknowledging what was real in the mirror did not prescribe limits on me rather it provided a window for change and growth.

I wanted to be able to utilize what I was learning in my own development in a meaningful way with others so I completed training with the Coaches Training Institute and then BCoach. I became a certified member of the International Consortium of Business Coaches and in 2006 I was a recipient of the International Coaching Federation’s Prism Award for Coaching Excellence in Organizational Coaching. I have continued to learn through my connection to the Leadership University community and more recently with the community connected to Authentic Leadership in Action, and through my colleagues at Context Management Consulting.

Over the past eighteen years I have built my recognition as a professional artist and I am proud of my participation as a founding partner in a gallery in Toronto’s Historic Distillery District. I have increasingly integrated coaching with gallery and studio visits, using art to support personal visioning and personal development. “Inner Landscapes II” which is a visual guide to the MBTI grew out of a desire to have a different kind of conversation about aspects of type that went beyond a mechanical understanding of how their preferences play out in our day to day interactions.

On this site and blog I will be focusing on the Myers Briggs Type Indicator which looks at how we take in information and make decisions. We repeat these two processes over and over as we move through our day and understanding them can make a difference to how we design the way we build our relationships and our businesses. Since the MBTI only looks at one aspect of how we process, from time to time I will also talk about some of the other assessment tools that help give us a fuller picture of who we are and what we do.