Pressure, stress, no time, frustration….

This litany of complaints is felt to various degrees by many people but how and why we create this for ourselves differs from person to person.

Today I received this reminder form Riso and Hudson’s site.

Your Type Six EnneaThoughts for February 16th—

A major feature of your personality is to find more work for yourself as soon as the pressure lightens. Notice this tendency in yourself today. (Personality Types, 232)

Pile of cards

I had to laugh. Well because it is true for the most part. My theory is that we become accustomed to a certain state in our bodies and the adrenaline that is generated from having something on my plate lets me know that I am alive. I love the energy of “Get’ er done!!!” Or at least that’s my warped thinking about how accomplishing tasks gives me energy and life purpose .

The flow of chemicals after a long walk in nature, laughing with friends, watching a sunset or snuggling under a blanket with some classical music and a fire is equally enlivening. The trick is to be at choice and not on auto-pilot.

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