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How do you react to the child who clings to their parent’s leg or retreats into their “shell” at Hello? In an article posted at Time.com author Susan Cain extols us not to label quiet, sensitive children as “shy”. She claims that we categorize children into 2 camps “social” and “shy” and favour those who are more out-going.

Cain points out that the label “shy” is typically a misnomer given to Introverted children. They are more sensitive to external stimuli and they will hold back to take things in before engaging. This does not mean that they are anti-social but “differently social”.

She points out the benefits of how these children approach things.

Children with an alert, sensitive temperament also pay close attention to social cues and moral principles. By age 6, they cheat and break rules less than other kids do — even when they believe they won’t be caught. At 7, they’re more likely than their peers to be described by parents and caregivers as empathetic or conscientious.

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