Kick start 2011 with creativity. Sure you can do a purely analytical approach to planning and designing the next 12 months but even if you do, nothing brings your plans to life like making them visual. We are accustomed to taking in information through text, live “talking head” presentations or visual media. These are passive modes of learning and retention is limited. There is a an old saw that guides teachers SAY SEE DO when planning lessons in order to ensure participation and retention. Say little. See more. Do a lot. Kolb’s Learning Styles Inventory describes 4 aspects of the learning cycle:

  1. Concrete Experience – (CE)
  2. Reflective Observation – (RO)
  3. Abstract Conceptualization – (AC)
  4. Active Experimentation – (AE)

I am offering two options for anyone in the Toronto area who wants to kick start their year with a day that sits outside the box and highlights steps 1, 3 and 4 in Kolb’s cycle plus incorporates visual, auditory and kinesthetic experiences. Passive input will be replaced with total engagement. So much so that time will fly.

Visioning Through Collage will connect you to what’s important, get ideas flowing and provide insights that might surprise you. Expressive Explorations offers 4 possibilities to shake things up, unleash parts of you that have been stifled – put aside or ignored for too long.

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