Gay and Kathlyn Hendricks posted a video on their Conscious Loving Relationships Facebook page which shows them in their California bathroom holding two different tubes of toothpaste: one mangled by one of them with a clear preference for random squeezing and the other tidily rolled from the bottom. They talk about how we get trapped in the narrowness of our own world-view and the tendency to see that as the “right” way.

Gay and Katey are very discrete about which one is the enthusiastic squeezer and who likes a more systematic approach. What they do make clear is how differences can affect our relationships and how the day to day impact can build into something else indeed. Differences that make us uncomfortable can escalate from merely annoying to creating all kinds of rigid uncompromising postures and decisions. This can happen in a myriad of ways at work, at home, with friends and family.

The solution often begins with appreciating self and others and letting people be who and how they are. Or in this case by simply buying two tubes of paste.

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