MBTI quote from my Facebook wall

MBTI quote from my Facebook wall

This quote popped up on my Facebook wall a day after I listened to an interview MIchael Bungay Stanier did with Meg Wheatley in Michael’s Great Work Interview Series. This quote on it’s own is sufficient. If we could accept that our gifts are unique and valuable that is a great stride forward for many.

The thing that made this leap of the page for me today is what Wheatley had to say about the interpretation of the word “gift.” What makes it a gift is the giving. So we are further responsible not only to acknowledge the gifts we have but to make use of them by giving them to the world. They aren’t a gift if we don’t use them to benefit others.

Just think about it for a moment.

If you have dominant function of Extraverted Thinking, for example- you can cut through the clutter, see what needs to be done and put the systems in place. If you Introverted Feeling is your dominant function you understand the values at play, what matters most in the situation and how to work to bring accord. When we all contribute from our gifts, everyone and the system itself benefits.

The admonition from Meg Wheatley is to understand that utilizing our gifts is not always about personal gain but that it is important to share our gifts because we were given them and in a sense they are not ours to hoard or squander.

Have you done some good today?

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