ET - Someone has to decide

One study of 26,477 persons in a Leadership Development Program at the Center for Creative Leadership, reported the following percentage frequencies:

1. ISTJ 18.2%

2. ESTJ 16.0%

3. ENTJ 13.1%

4. INTJ 10.5%

All types can be effective leaders. And conversely all types can be ineffective. There are certain types that predominate and this study illustrates the tendency to see the Thinking preference in leaders profiles. Even though these MBTI profiles or preferences are not an indication of capacity or capability, many of us have been predisposed to turn to those who make quick decisions when we are looking for leadership.

A recent study Psychometrics Canada interviewed HR professionals:

When asked to rate the importance of various leadership skills to success, 90% reported that communication is critically important, followed by dealing with change (52.6%), managing people (48.2%), setting goals (37.5%), solving problems (30.3%) and project management (12%).

We are recognizing the importance of reflection and developing strong relationships and ultimately expanding our view of leadership beyond decision making.

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