Inntuition - I Just Know

When you ask someone with a preference for Intuition how they came to understand something to be true for them, they can come up with a logical rational explanation. If truth be told they often just know. Different threads come together so that those who prefer Intuition SEE the pattern and it all becomes clear. Then they seek to back it up with some rationale.

Those who are versed in developing critical thinking skills in decision making, may find relying on Intuition unreliable. I use my Intuition all the time. I also trust that I can distinguish when it is the kind of decision where it is necessary to take a more refined look weighing what I believe against critical criteria.

The thing is my Intuition has been a reliable guide at least 90% of the time.

How do I know that’s true – you may ask? I just know.

To view the cartoon http://www.personalityplusinbusiness.com/2011/intuitions-mantra-i-just-know.html

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