Extraverted Overdrive

This is a true story. A colleague who happens to be aware of the MBTI and her preference for Introversion has designed her life to have an apartment in the city and a weekend retreat that she escapes to for 3 to 4 day weekends whenever possible. She is also not shy about requesting some quiet if she finds herself in extraverted overwhelm.

She told me about a recent car trip with her very clearly extraverted boyfriend who realizing that she was at the end of her rope after three days of facilitating client work was trying to accommodate her need for some quiet. He couldn’t just shut up for the life of him. She was incredulous that he went on and on and on about his intention. His attempt at silence was deafening.

If the cartoon is not visible in this post you can see the cartoon here: http://www.personalityplusinbusiness.com/2011/for-extraverts-dialing-it-down-may-take-a-moment.html

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