The Situation
Once upon a time there was an bright talented young woman. She went to work for a global organization and did very well indeed. She went to work and did her job. Efficient, effective, likable, team-player… the list of stellar adjectives go on and on.

The Wake-Up
During a leadership workshop, exercise after exercise brought insights and an emotional connection awakening something within. At the very end of the 2 days an exercise gave this young woman feedback on just how many of her peers saw her as a leader.

The Surprise
The surprise to me is that this was news to this young woman. It had never crossed her mind because it wasn’t included in her title or job description. How delightful that she was finally seen for all that she is and for her potential. I wonder how this will affect her aspirations and the way she approaches her work. What will she want to do now considering this new information? Will questions of her own leadership stance arise for her?

A Possibility
Leading Full Circle is a two day multigenerational leadership program for women. Having women of all generations in mutual mentoring conversations provides more insight and inspiration than relying on a content driven curriculum. The 20 year olds in the spring program brought something special to everyone present – one of the participants referred to the hope for the future that she came away with from her interactions. At the same time the younger women were pleased to see that the questions that confronted them could be viewed as a source of growth and enlightenment. Seeing in the older women the fact that questions didn’t go away but changed tone and direction over time was reassuring and increased their willingness and capacity for asking the hard questions.

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