My passport had expired and I was very happy to find the application form online. I was even happier to discover that there was a short form that didn’t require a guarantor. As far as I could tell all I needed to do was fill out the form, supply signed photos taken by a photographer who did this kind of work and include my expired passport and my Visa information to cover the fee. The whole process took part of a day and the application was in the mail.

A few weeks went by and it seemed that the process was taking longer than required but I wasn’t concerned as I had registered the letter. Imagine my dismay when the postman delivered a rejection notice highlighted in several areas in bright yellow marker.

I had failed to copy my name exactly as it appeared on my expired passport. I had written Sandra M Maureen instead of Sandra Mary Maureen and it set off alarms. In addition I added a line at the beginning of the M’s in my signature that were straight instead of curved as in the passport signature. HORSE-FEATHERS!!! I have always had handwriting that was more linear and vertical when note-taking and more flourished and slanted when relaxed and feeling expressive. May be I should be worried about having multiple personalities but in the moment I had a a few choice words run through my mind for the overzealous bureaucrat that couldn’t see that Sandra M and Sandra Mary are the one and same ME whether signed with a curved M or straight M.

I even had the same outfit on when I had my photo taken then and now… not everyone has a lime green silk jacket, for heavens sake. Most women I know are clothes hounds and don’t have the same wardrobe for years and years.

So I have made up a story about this person who spends their day looking at details to ferret out I don’t know what – spies, terrorists, illegals – and it is a sad tale. I admit to being abysmal at filling out forms but I pray that I never reincarnate as a bureaucrat stuck at a desk with a yellow highlighter in hand. ENFP’s were not designed to be good at forms. They are not our cup of tea in any way shape or form. (No pun intended). While there is no love lost for bureaucrats in my life, I might not mind coming back as someone who can rant at the passport office like this woman who is my new hero..

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