Are you like me in that most of your friends are in a similar kind of work? Most of our family friends are independent business owners, consultants/coaches or professionals working in their own practice – all this laced with a smattering of entrepreneur. One implication of this is that a dinner party with friends, some of whom are of high school vintage, will include our accountant, bookkeeper, lawyer, security system provider, graphic designer, software wizard etc. etc. It works both ways as some friends who are coaches/consultants engage me to facilitate planning sessions personally or as a collaborative venture with their clients and some friends have my art on their walls.

Understanding the MBTI type of your friends may provide insight if there is the odd bump in the road in your everyday interactions. However when you do business together the value of understanding differences and appreciating where the person is coming from and how to communicate with them more effectively can be a critical factor in maintaining a strong relationship on a professional level. Of course keeping things going smoothly has huge implications on a personal level.

Some people may caution against working with friends. My approach is to take it on a case by case basis. Some people you can work with and with others you need to trust your gut. If working together would place too much strain on your friendship, it is not worth the temptation of working with someone who knows you well.

On the other hand one side implication is that you get to see your friend in a different context. If this context is stressful, it may have some negative side effects. However, the other day I was amazed and delighted to have the pleasure of seeing someone I have known for years in the midst of using their expertise. They were masterful beyond anything I had expected and it was a joy to behold. I have learned so much from my friends and appreciate the gifts that they share in my life

What is your policy about working with friends?

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