I love it when real life situations inspire a “doodle” – one of my MBTI cartoons. I had scheduled a day of work with a friend, who happens to have a preference for Perceiving, when towards the late afternoon she asked if we could continue in the evening as she had other things scheduled.

Work horse that I am, I had to ask what could possibly interrupt our work flow. A big grin crossed her face as she announced that this was a “S” day and that as well as working with me she also had a swim time planned followed by Scrabble.

I laughed thinking that it was a coincidence that everything started with an “S”, but when I asked what letter day the next day was she rattled off the items all starting with “C” with such a straight face as if it was the most natural way of scheduling one’s day.

I realize this an unprofessional question but I wonder “Do P”s have more fun?”

MBTI Cartoon of Perceiver Scheduling

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