The question:

Do you have any advice for procrastinating ENFPs?


As always be wary of “one size fits all” solutions. The best answers are ones that fit your needs and motivational strategies. Here are my top five tips I use to manage my own ENFP procrastination. Please use any that resonate with you and most definitely figure out what really works best for you.

  1. I create what I call “forcing mechanisms” with a solid deadline. An example of this includes registering for art shows. If left to my own devises without a specific goal for artistic endeavours, I would do more thinking about painting than actual painting. Signing up for a show several months before a “set in stone” date helps galvanize me into action. I can visualize the space where I will hang my paintings, and what I want to work on so that the whole show hangs together. It is fun and energizing to have a plan.
  2. In certain circumstances I find someone to help me with the task or project at hand. As an extrovert having someone to talk with me through each step can be a welcome lifeline and keep me in motion. This works especially well for things such as purging files and establishing order in my office or studio.
  3. I also use other external mechanisms to help me with accountability. When I have a regular session with a coach, a trainer, a buddy or mastermind group it is a way to get clear on my priorities and barriers to getting into action. The very act of articulating my goals and the actions I intent to take to achieve them helps to keep me on track.
  4. For years I was addicted to lists and would visit them regularly to make sure I was crossing off enough items so that I would reach a deadline in time. My current list is 2 pages long – recently reduced from an overwhelming 4 pages.
  5. Acknowledging the need for time to let things percolate and the sense of urgency to build helps eliminate the need to beat myself up for procrastinating. BTW This self- flagellation is a total waste of time. When I try to start early I often cannot focus or generate ideas. Over the years I have come to trust that the sudden urge to clean my desk or read a book may be just what I need to do in this moment and that tomorrow which is another day closer to the deadline will help get the seemingly requisite sense of urgency to work it’s magic and help me get on the kind of roll that only happens close to the last minute.

Okay – over to you. What are your top tips?

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2 Responses to “Top Five Tips to Blast ENFP Procrastination Out of the Water”

Kevin November 22, 2010

OK I have to admit as an ENFP (who’s not far off ENFJ), I procrastinate a lot. Sometimes the pleasure of hoarding time and chilling until the deadline gets really close, and then doing it just in the nick of time, is a thrill of sorts. I understand your point 5 especially.

Thing is the process makes me unhappy because:

1) it provokes anxiety and be quite a tiring, emotional cycle to get into each time

2) is it really an efficient use of time?

3) what if tthere AREN’T any external deadlines? Sometimes we have to self-regulate

Guess I want to hear there’s a way to be more upfront and consistent with work, even if you have to forego the pleasurable faffing