There have been surveys done on the MBTI profiles of Twitter users, and now in a recent post on his blog, Life Coach Yost asks what about Facebook. As a self -disclosed INTJ, Yost admits to the natural fit between his preferences and Twitter which he took to right away. Perhaps the attraction in part is that Twitter, apart from the 140 character limit, allows him to interact on his own terms. That 140 character limit might be a real bonus feature to an INTJ in terms of tailoring the responses that they receive from others…short and sweet and to the point.

Facebook is another story. I am curious what makes it seem so different? Not only is there the possibility of greater, well longer, interactions but perhaps the fact that followers are called “friends” adds another level of commitment to the relationship.

In his post Yost makes the distinction between the use of Social Media in a business context and personal use. Just to back up a moment to look at some lingering perceptions of Facebook in general, it seems to me that there are many factors that influence one’s ideas about the value of using Facebook for a professional or business person. Many people who have steered clear of using Facebook have the notion that it is for kids, or for family or focused soley on the trivial aspects of one’s social life. I have heard some professionals who fear Facebook because they have concerns about their privacy and the impact that Facebook may have on their reputation.

Facebook may not be for everyone but the territory has shifted and there are increasing numbers of people successfully incorporating Facebook into their overall marketing strategy as one component of their Social Media approach.

To get back to the question Life Coach Yost poses about the value of Facebook. I think that understanding why and how you might want to use it is helpful. Then you have a road map for how you want to engage. As well as having the context of an overall marketing/personal branding strategy, I can imagine using Facebook as a way of connecting with others if you have a special interest or hobby. For someone with INTJ preferences Facebook offers a way to widen the circle of people who may be interested in what you have to offer while at the same time putting you in the driver seat of how and when you wish to interact.

As for the issue of having Facebook be a distraction from engaging with real live breathing friends. I can imagine the seductive nature of this idea. If you are using Facebook as part of your business building, I would not confuse the issue by using it as your mechanism to keep up with friends.

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One Response to “To Facebook or Not?”

Black Order November 15, 2011

I am an INTJ, and I can’t stand Twitter OR Facebook.