In a nut shell – people won’t talk to you. That’s the 5 word version of what can happen but let me elaborate.

I had a wonderful conversation today. The conversation was in a social setting but the stated purpose was to talk about the Enneagram. It is my version of heaven on earth – exploring the wonder of our Inner Landscapes.

That is until the “thing” appeared.

The “thing” is the guarded response which people do when they try to reply without giving themselves away. They edit their speech to eliminate any words or phrases that they recognize as type specific. It is as if they see you as a mind reader able to observe what is going on inside – inside THEM!!!.

Not only can’t I read minds – I am not interested. It is the energy dynamic between people, the thrust and parry, the synchronicity that excites me. So talk away…you, my dear, are simply fascinating.

Category: Communication
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2 Responses to “The Dangers of Being a Personality Type Professional”

Erin April 30, 2010

I love your blog and everything you say resonates with me on so many levels! I am a INFJ and I was wondering if you could give any advice on the best way to become a Personality Type professional.

Sandy McMullen May 5, 2010

Hi Erin
I just wrote a blog post about this- if you wish more of my “opinion” I am never short of that Hope you find what you are looking for and what brings you satisfaction.