I am currently on the West Coast of Canada in Victoria B.C.. Yoga studios, coffee shops, organic gardening and healthy living are in evidence everywhere. I am here hanging out with my kids so it could also be that the laid back active healthy lifestyle is a total reflection of their life choices.

In any case I have met Steve. Steve is a fascinating ENFP, as if all ENFP’s myself included, aren’t fascinating. As of February 1st Steve announced the end of his Fall/Winter regimen. Steve is the UBER outdoorsman and he is going into serious training to be ready for all the activities the warmer weather brings.

Canadians typically shift our eating patterns from the warm comfort food we crave in the cold weather to eating lighter fare in the summer. However, Steve was so intentional about his approach. It struck me that the simplicity of this focus made such sense and works for a “perceiver” to have lots of wiggle room and not feel tied down by a rigid schedule. Such a seasonal approach is not for everyone but this definitely works for Action-oriented Steve.

MBTI Cartoon - Perceiving Schedule - Seasonal Regimen

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