MBTI Cartoon

People with a preference for INTP seem to have finely tuned radar that let’s them look at any situation and literally “see” the underlying principles involved. Understanding the requisite guiding principles for the best result and then operating accordingly is second nature. Therefore they may also measure the success of an endeavour by how closely the result matches these guiding principles.

What may not be second nature is fully understanding that others do not necessarily process the same way. People with different preferences may need help to make the connection between a particular principle and the behaviours that go along with it.

I can imagine that it is disappointing to the INTP when the people act in a way that goes counter to agreed principles. It is worth taking the time up front to help make some links.

“If we say we agree on these principles what does that look like in action?”

It may also seem too obvious but keeping a running check in will keep “drift” from being inevitable.

“Does this current direction align with our principles?”

Do you have a set of operating principles for how you conduct your business (or career)?

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One Response to “MBTI Cartoon – INTPs Speak the Language of Principles”

Roberta Hill August 27, 2010

Been meaning to comment Sandy. Love the post and the drawing. Reminds me of a story from my early career days. Was in a big argument with a colleague about a course of action. Finally, he said “What is the big deal here? – we both agree on the final decision.” I lost it because, I was debating the reasons and logic and principles BEHIND why we should take a certain route and my colleague couldn’t care less.