Breanne Potter of “The MBTI Blog” is sending wishes for the New Year MBTI style.

In a recent post she describes her calendar laden with milestones to mark out her progress with her goals for 2010 in true ISTJ style. Her resolution for ISTJ is – “This year I will learn not to sweat the small stuff, even though I believe there is no such thing as small stuff.” The great question she poses is what do New Year’s resolutions look like for each type.

I added an ENFP worthy thought that I have been mulling over for a few weeks –

In 2010 I will “finally” respect the gift of PLAY – embracing it for my personal day to day well-being and bringing it into my coaching and painting – creativity to the MAX…Wooohoooo

What do your New Years Resolutions look like?

No matter what they may be – please accept my best wishes for a wonderful years full of all the richness and blessings you hope for.

Category: MBTI Facts
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