ESTP's Hands On TO DO Bulletin Board

ESTP's Hands On TO DO Bulletin Board

There may be as many ways of keeping track of things “to do” as there are MBTI types. This Dominant Sensing ESTP likes to see their To Do’s, move them around as things progress and enjoy seeing them completed with a slam dunk into the garbage can (aka trash). Booyah indeed – making a check mark or putting a line through an item seems lame in comparison.

Category: Doodles
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2 Responses to “ESTP Hands On Approach to a TO DO list – a Slam Dunk”

CJ Fitzsimons January 16, 2010

Sandy, this is brilliant! Both the cartoon and the idea. Now, if we could only make a portable board …

Warm regards


Sandy McMullen January 16, 2010

That’s the beauty of Post It’s. You don’t need the portable bulletin board. Just take the notes with you and put them any old place – on the wall, back of a door, on a cupboard and Bob’s your uncle!!! W00T