Challenging assumptions is a good thing. Keeping leaders engaged in learning and expanding perceptions is more than good…it is critical. Context Consulting has been host to a five star resource for leaders in the twice yearly Remarkable Leadership Series.

This April Mary Stacey and Bill Torbert marry Torbert’s developmental model “The Seven Transformations of Leadership” with inquiry and application to give individuals the key to unlocking change in their organizations.

Mary and Bill have teamed up on previous occasions to deliver this program which is anchored both in research and “hands on” experience in the workplace. The response has been not only positive but people have expressed gratitude for the shift in their perceptions and the approach they were able to implement.

My personal experience with this work is limited to a one day event plus reference to the material in day to day interactions with colleagues at Context Consulting. Even with this brief exposure to the material, I was left with the huge AHHHA of how embedded I am (and how many organizational structures are) in holding the EXPERT stage in reverential regard. This level of development is but one in Torbert’s model, and is often seen as the end point totally missing the limitations of this narrow view of the world. In levels beyond EXPERT the leader is able to see and appreciate where others are in their own developmental path, and and understand how to work with them to encourage development rather than imposing their expert opinion on others. The approach of the expert often shuts down open communication and limits possibilities and real innovation.

If you are seriously interested in your development as a leader, this series offers not only rich content and learning opportunities, but a community of people from across North America who are thought leaders in business.

This is not an ordinary offering. If you are restless and ready, here is something to take you to places you haven’t yet imagined.

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