Who do you trust to give you the best possible answer to your business or life dilemmas? Do you seek out an “expert” in the field for an objective assessment or do you unconsciously gravitate to someone with your point of view?

The wife of a well-known surgeon once counseled me not to go to a surgeon for an opinion if I didn’t want surgery. That was obvious and yet brilliant advice.

A friend has been working on transitioning her business to leverage intellectual property. The plan is well-considered and comprehensive and not yet implemented. She sought out an opinion from someone that she respected who was successful in a similar line of work. This “expert” also happened to have a background in accounting. Her advice was if it isn’t adding to the bottom-line – forget it no matter how much FUN it may be. PERIOD. I can imagine that on the Tough- Tender dichotomy of the Thinking- Feeling preferences this person would fall under the Tough side of things.

People with this way of being in the world have a kind of forceful clarity that is hard to argue against. Since my friend happens to be ENTP (with some out of preference on the J side) she was initially in sync with this perspective 100%.

In the first stages of a plan when things aren’t clear (yet) it is worth listening to a carefully select few. Someone with your own personality type or temperament type may be on the same wave length with you. If you also stay open to input from someone with a different way of processing information, you may find something to add to or shift your thinking to round out your plan.

Ultimately you need to do what lines up for you and that will be sustainable. In the end my friend kept the parts of her plan that integrated the expert advice and retained the parts that were not so bottom-line focused but that connected with her passion and motivation.

I have the feeling that she will create something even better than she could currently imagine.

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