Visioning through collage making is something that I have done with individual clients and teams. The process typically includes some upfront exercises and discussions to clarify the purpose of the exploration and to focus in on what’s important. During the collage making itself participants are encouraged to be spontaneous and allow surprises to happen. And they do!

If time allows my preference is always to work on good quality gessoed canvas with professional quality paint. Colour plays an important role in setting the tone. I want people to be able to paint their canvas the colour that matches their vision. If you just asked what the heck does that mean, it’s not so woo woo. If the next steps will require the intention of passion and drive the colour might be red or orange, if the coming year is one of integration a cooler colour such as blue or green may be the right call. In all the years of doing this people just know what colour they need/want after a few exercises upfront to mine for gold.

Because we integrate the cognitive processes at the beginning, people are more willing to go into a “play” zone, similar to brainstorming where we say YES to everything and then edit down afterward by listening to our intuition and the wisdom of the body as well as our more rational side.

This collage making process integrates nicely with other work:

  • Creating a vision of excellent client care for a service organization
  • Emerging the leading edge of personal leadership for directors and managers
  • Anchoring discoveries during an intact team offsite
  • Setting an intention for the upcoming year for independent professionals / coaches /consultants
  • Rounding out a business planning session to capture the essence of the new direction
  • Illustrating the sweet spot of growth as part of retreat using the Enneagram
  • Focusing on what’s important for individuals dealing with cancer

I have had 99% positive response

  • From people of all MBTI types
  • From senior managers who came into the room shocked and clutching the door who later did a complete 180 dragging me into their office to brag about their piece during the following months
  • From coaches who have brought their clients for a joint session. The clients not only gained some insight but by seeing their coach work the level of trust, transparency and deep conversation was enhanced
  • From team members who were surprised at what they learned about each other

Because the message of the collage is captured visually with colour and images the person is able to anchor the essence of their intention for what they are focusing on next. I have heard from people who put the collage in their office but also from folks who have theirs in the laundry room or bathroom where they will see it. I have one friend who does an annual collage and swears it is her best planning tool as she almost always completes her vision withing six months.

Collage – have you done one?

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3 Responses to “A Picture is Worth 1000 Words… Collage Visioning”

Laura January 19, 2010

I love it! Thanks for sharing and explaining. I put my 2009 collages into a 30 second video using animoto – http://bit.ly/8Wz99F. Think I will do this every year as a way of looking back at the year!

Baby February 27, 2010


can you do an article about ENFP and INFP differences?
I’m NFP but dont know wether E or I.
To make things more complicated I’m Enneagram 3 which is externaly focused, so it is confusing me.

Thank you, Susan