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Enter your name and email in the box on the home page

If you find yourself complaining about your work, dreading getting out of bed for yet another day that seems meaningless or dreaming of running away to some remote island, chances are you are not plugged into your genius zone. Before you guffaw, panic or otherwise dismiss the notion of genius, let me reassure you that I am not talking about anything outside of what is real for you. This is the territory that happens when we are in tune with who we are and operating so that we are tapped into our strengths, natural motivation and intrinsic creativity… nothing WOO – WOO to fear here.

The free course that I offer on the home page of my blog site will explain the genius model and give you some ways to explore looking at what this might mean in your life. The end goal is to reallocate how you invest your time, energy and resources so that you spend more time in the creative, enlivening zone of your genius and less in the energy draining approach of being an ongoing fixer upper project.

Working with the genius model is not a one time event but rather an approach or orientation. Some of the suggestions in this course will resonate more for you than others but it is jam-packed with tips and ideas that have worked for people who have used this model to shift how they view their work.

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I’d love to hear about your genius and how you live in the zone.

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tom January 31, 2010