img_1278“Notes from the Universe” arrives like clockwork in my email bringing me upliftng reminders and dollops of wisdom. This missive is sent from the witty and wise Michael Dooley -entrepreneur, author and current day thought provoker. Michael Bungay Stanier talks with Michael in the most recent of his “Great Work Interviews.”

Michael Bungay Stanier challenges us to shift from doing “lots of work” and thinking that that is what counts to doing “great” work. Great work is soul stuff…what we are meant to be doing. I think you will enjoy this “Great Work Interviews.”>audio. It is a confirmation that working to get the best pay cheque can’t hold a candle to doing work you LOVE that fits you to a “T”

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2 Responses to “Work that Fits Pays Off in Satisfaction”

Pat Milland September 5, 2009

Loved the interview! As the Universe would have it it is helping me make a major decision I have been putting off for much to long and for the wrong reasons. Thank you.

Pat Milland September 6, 2009

Great interview. I also receive my TUT messages 2x week that I will change to daily. They invariably are the perfect message when I am in a less than ideal state – and I am very thankful for that.