An article by this title (Why Introverts Can Make the Best Leaders) was posted at Forbes.com. Jennifer B. Kahnweiler author of a book on how Introverts can leverage their strengths to become great leaders gives five valuable considerations in her article. They include the value Introverts provide in

  1. how they think before talking,
  2. how they are drawn to deeper more meaningful conversation,
  3. how the reassuring calm that is natural to them helps others,
  4. how they readily make use of the power of the written word, and
  5. how they take time to refuel their thinking, creativity and decision making.

It is a short article that is a teaser for what looks like a very worthwhile book. The Introverted Leader: Building on Your Quiet Strength It is well worth 3 minutes of your time in popping over to read this article in full.

A mention I made of this article on Facebook sparked a conversation about the “below the radar” aspect of the power and strengths of many with a preference for Introversion in organizations. A couple of coaching/consulting colleagues shared their experience about the number of clients they had who they recognized as being quiet “stars”. The question then is how to work with your preferences to let your light shine. Kahweiler’s article at one point talks about the use of Social Media tools to make the strengths of the Introvert more visible to others. Creative, inspiring and practical approaches to help make use of all ones gifts and talents in the workplace – now that sounds like a winner to me.

I am curious to read what gems lie between the covers of this book.

(Aside – There is a metaphor in the last sentence I would love to flog without seeming schmaltzy – get it – Introverts = gems between book covers)

(Aside #2 – This painting of Introversion below captures the calm and stillness and ability to stay in the deeper conversation. Some say the monotone is depressing and inaccurate, but the person whose sketch I based this on had the deeper meanings in mind.)

Introversion- One of 4 MBTI (Myers Briggs) preference pairs

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2 Responses to “Why Introverts Can Make the Best Leaders”

Mickey December 10, 2009

Nice article Sandy, makes perfect sense to me. Hope all is well with you!

Marjonneke Grech December 11, 2009

Hi Sandy. Interesting premise. As a media director, I’ve been intrigued to notice that good media hosts are often introverts. Unexpected for most people. My theory is that because introverts draw their energy from within and can therefore learn to manage it and turn it on when needed, whereas extroverts draw energy from around them, which can be unpredictable and in the case of interviews with a “cold camera” non-existant.

Keep the great ideas coming!