Before I tell you why I love blogging, I want to tell you a little story. My husband used to sing Barbershop. Barbershop singers are acapella groups that sing in four part harmony and they like to compete in lots of competitions…local regional, national, and international. These guys LOVE to sing – in fact they never stop…even if you ask them very politely. Any four or more of them will start into a rendition of their favourite song at the slightest eye contact whether it’s in an elevator, a hall, or in a donut shop.

I have the same passion for personal development. I love to talk to people about who they are, what they are doing, and how they are using their gifts and talents in their work. At cocktail parties I almost can’t do small talk. I don’t want to talk about hair care products, where you shop, where you get your nails done, your golf equipment or your latest bling. I am also aware that this cuts both ways and I watch for signs that people eyes are glazing over if I start talking about my passions.

That’s where blogging enters the picture. I have listened to Patsi Krakoff and Denise Wakeman aka The Blog Squad, talk about how blogging can help you to reach an audience who is actually interested in your knowledge and perspective. It took me a long time before I was ready to dive in. Now I wonder what took me so long.

My blog is a place where I can reflect on the themes and events that are currently impacting my life and work. I am dedicated to on-going learning and passing what’s new, what’s interesting and what’s of value on to others. It is absolutely wonderful to have a vehicle to share my questions and insights in the moment. The best part occurs when a blog post triggers a response from a reader. When people recognize something that they resonate with or disagree with they are often generous in contributing their point of view. Not only do the comments add such value to the original post they also help me to expand my own thinking.

As a coach I believe in the power of conversation, blogging is another vehicle for me to be able to begin a conversation and be wonderfully surprised at who comes to join in. Writing blog posts on a regular basis also challenges me to continually ask myself interesting and valid questions so that I can respond with interesting and valid material. The quality of the questions that we ask ourselves directs and influences the success of our endeavours.

I’m certain that I will think of a dozen other reasons to love blogging, but this exercise was of value to me to reaffirm my commitment to continue to learn and grow through this vehicle. The idea to write about the love of blogging was started on Typepad with a few rules that you can read about here. I was tagged to do this by Boris “You Ezine Coach” Mahovac, who along with Patsi and Denise, are my three blog guardian angels.

In turn I am interested to hear from the following five people to learn more about why they love blogging. I would like to be a bit transparent here in saying that I am not drawn to tagging people to do anything, so I would like to pose this request in the form of an invitation and an opportunity to reflect on why blogging is important activity. I hope that each of the people below welcome the opportunity to share more of their story.

Laura McGrath is a colleague and a woman with a thoughtful and well considered point of view and “Man” can she write!

CJ Fitzsimons refers to himself as a “Leadership Sculptor”. He generously shares best practices in his leadership development work.

Mickey Baxter Spade is a talented artist who invites people into a world of beauty. She shares not only her beautiful art but who she is as a creative person.

Marcie Haley has a very unique niche that serves several end goals. Her blog helps people travel in a earth conscious and economical way.

Mary Bennett is somewhat of a “soul sister.” She understands leadership from the inside out and has a passion for adding creativity to the mix.

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4 Responses to “Why I Love Blogging about Personal Development”

Denise Wakeman February 20, 2009

Sandy, this is an excellent post. Loved your lead in about barber shop quartets. You’re a gifted writer and I’m so happy you are blogging and sharing and exploring your passion!

Blog on!

Mickey February 20, 2009

Thanks for thinking of me for this particular subject matter. This may help me to clarify the direction of my current blog and the next one I intend to write. If that doesn’t happen it will be good material for a blog. 😉

I must say the more I read your blog the more I realize what special person you are. This also shows in your lovely paintings.

Patsi aka The Blog Squad February 21, 2009

Luv your post, Sandy! I know what you mean by skip the small talk…

I just came into the house here in Mexico – it’s a little hot outside by the pool – and as I come in past the patio door there hangs a small cushion with a monkey painted on it – by you – and the words “The Lieutenant…” Remember when you made gifts for your colleagues in Therapist Coach U?

I treasure this reminder of you. And now we have lots of reminders of you and your “personality in business” by virtue of your content all over the Web – here, on Twitter, Facebook – you’re everywhere!

All the best,