Type Practitioner Blueprint
Get training from 8 international psychological type experts

If you are a coach, personality type practitioner, a consultant in leadership development or a leader wanting to step into new levels of excellence, you get tons of invitations to trainings and seminars. Right? Some are tempting and you want to do them but there is often a BUT… It might mean traveling to another city for a conference, you don’t have the time or you aren’t certain if this is the right thing right now. Well Kris Kiler of TypeLabs has brought together a program that is a “no brainer” for anyone wanting to refresh and reenergize their work.

Learn from the learners and innovators in the field of personality typology
When I saw the list of experts that Kris has brought together I was so excited. I know the work of five of the eight and two of these people were the ones who I did my first MBTI training with so I can personally vouch for the impact that they have made in my life. Imagine having an opportunity to learn from them again without having to get on a plane. That works for me!

As I looked over this list these folks have all continued to learn and develop their knowledge and use of type – no one here is resting on their laurels or repackaging old material. This is new thinking with new approaches that will inspire and inform how you work with others as well as enhance your own leadership capacity. The focus with all eight of these experts is on application. This will be so much more than learning for learning sake. That is part of what makes this line-up so exciting.

A Stellar Line – Up

Marci Segal: Language to Leverage for Creative Thinking

Dario Nardi: 8 Keys to Self-Leadership

Peter Geyer: Psychological Type: Interpretation and Development from Jung to Today

Daniel Liew: Cross Cultural Communication and Psychological Type

Scott Campbell: Using Social Styles to Be a Better Leader

Hile Rutledge: Making Type Training Experiential

Pam Fox Rollin: Coaching People Through Type-related Blindspots

Susan Gerke: Driving Team Performance from the Inside Out

The Whole Menu or Skip Right to Dessert

Kris has set this program so that you can sample from this great menu or enjoy the whole feast at a special discounted rate. These experts represent the best leaders in their field from Canada, the US, the UK, Malaysia and Australia. Type professionals and others who are passionately interested in using the latest thinking in creating workplaces that actually work for people will be on these calls. This will truly be a global conversation.

Run don’t walk to sign up now by clicking on the link below. I will see you there.

Type Practitioner Blueprint
Get training from 8 international psychological type experts

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