A BIG fallacy in the name “solopreneur” is that you can do everything you need to run your business by your self aka “solo”. You need to know when you need additional expertise. There are also times when you may have the knowledge BUT if the task is having you work against type the question to ask is “Is this worth the energy drain when I could be spending my time differently in an area where I am in alignment with my MBTI type preferences.”

This painting is called “Gesture” and it is a mark of exuberance. This is in recognition that I was unable to use images in this blog for several months. I could not FIX it but Boris could. I chose this image because of the release of energy and enthusiasm I am feeling now that this problem has been resolved.

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One Response to “Solopreneurs Support”

Sandy, next time please let me know asap if there are any techical problems I can help you with.

Happy blogging!