I have been tweaking some MBTI type related cartoons.

I have not been doing this is a vacuum.

The idea to add the 16 types so that they showed the dominant function came from a conversation with a Facebook friend. People have suggested changes on Twitter and on Facebook and other folks have passed the word along so that I am getting feedback from a variety of different MBTI types.

I am amazed at peoples willingness to help and their generosity in trying to help me get the best result. This is one of the things that I love about Social Media. It is a way to reach out to others that works.

Now I would love to see if I have missed any feedback that you might have to offer. You can read about some of my thinking that went into these Doodles after the images.

16 MBTI Types Doodle

16 MBTI Types Doodle

So far I have simplified the shapes overall and kept the sizes for each Doodle similar.

  • I used a square shape with ears and a nose for those types with Dominant Sensing.
  • Dominant Intuitive types are all stars
  • Dominant Thinking rectangles with lots of room for all that Thinking
  • Dominant Feeling is represented by a heart shape.
  • The colours are Kierey temperament related with Gold for SJ Guardians, Red for SP Artisans, Green for NF Idealists and Blue for NT Rationals.
  • Other than that Extroverts have more “out there” features
  • Introverts have more subdued features
  • A larger image and some of my previous attempts are posted on Facebook

What would your type look like if you were the Doodle-maker?

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