Kris Kiler has a vision. While at heart he may be an entrepreneur, he has a background in marketing, sales and instructional design as well as understanding and working with type theory. He has married his knowledge, skills and passion to create a new entity called “TypeLabs” which is a think tank aimed at “creating, developing and inventing technologies that will lead to a greater understanding of human personality differences”.

To this end Kris is beginning to realize his vision by developing Typexperience and Typexchange. Typexperience is the first video sharing community for personality type. This is definitely a bonus for type professionals to be able to find interesting and valuable material in one place. It is also a great invitation to become part of the community that Kris is building for Type Practitioners.

Kris contacted me about Typexchange the site where he offers digital Personality Type Resources for the global community of type practitioners. This site has audio, ebooks, graphic files and other training materials from a variety of well respected sources. Kris will soon be adding a powerpoint introduction to the MBTI based on my paintings of the Myers Briggs preferences and the 16 types.

This is exciting news for me. My mantra is to do what is in alignment with your natural strengths and sales and marketing are energy draining activities for me – not only that but I don’t seem to have the DNA for this part of the creative cycle. I loved acting on my idea to portray the MBTI through art, I loved collaborating with clients to use their impressions of their type as images and I absolutely was thrilled by the art gallery showing of these 33 paintings that became an interactive learning environment.

However like many creative people putting my work out into the world presents totally foreign territory. Enter Kris – his ISFP preferences predispose him to being a man of action. The process was easy -two steps – “yes I am interested in your work and when can you get it to me?” What I also gleaned from my conversations with Kris is that he shares other aspects of the ISFP which are captured in his Facebook profile.

Our success is measured by the integrity of our relationships, commitment to our values, impact of our technologies, and contribution to our communities.

I couldn’t have designed a better collaboration. I get to coach and paint which is what I do best and Kris gets to introduce my work to the marketplace which is his particular genius. I will let you know when the Inner Landscapes II powerpoint is available. In the meantime please visit Kris’s sites to see how you might get involved.

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