For anyone in a leadership position guiding their organization through troubled waters, I want to let you know about an opportunity well worth your consideration that is scheduled for this October.

In the Fall 2008, Context Consulting in conjunction with the ALiA Institute (Authentic Leadership in Action) hosted the first of their Remarkable Leadership Series.

Forty leaders from across Canada and the US gathered to work with poet and corporate visionary David Whyte in a personal and transformative setting. The response was so immediate and heartfelt that David is returning by popular demand. He will be introducing and exploring his new work on The Three Marriages: Reimagining Work, Self, and Relationships.

Superficial solutions will not suffice and David Whyte has the magic that a poet brings to getting to the heart of what it means to be a leader. To a person participants in David’s events come away with something that they never expected to find and indeed didn’t even know they were seeking.

Please follow this link to read more and to register for this Octocer 2009 event.

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