Caroline Rennie is the managing partner at ren-new, a consultancy that helps clients with their environmental strategies. She understands what sustainability means in a very real way. Caroline is dedicated to helping organizations understand that “environmental” can also mean profitability and a better way to meet their business goals.

When Caroline speaks about her business off camera, her enthusiasm shines through. She especially enjoys work with teams and groups. People who work with Caroline trust her both on a personal level and for her expertise and focus on excellent delivery of results.

In this brief clip Caroline gives insight into how to work and communicate with an ENFP.

As an aside, I first met Caroline on Twitter. It still amazes me just how clearly people reveal who they are in 140 characters or less. We seemed to have interests and worldview in common so imagine how thrilled I was when Caroline accepted my invitation to meet when she was visiting in Toronto from her home in Switzerland.

We both have preferences for ENFP. What did that translate into? Two hours that flew by… conversational threads started, interrupted by exciting tangents and returned to several topics later… lots of laughter… recognition of ways of thinking and behaving… topped off by a tinge of a “soul sister” experience. Do you have the same recognition for people who share your type?

Category: Communication / MBTI Facts / Video
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