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I have needed a new computer since last Spring but it was getting to the point where my indecision was nothing but SAD. I asked everyone everywhere – pc or mac? I finally made a decision to save money and the agony of a steep learning curve by committing to a pc. Then just before the trip to the store I simply HAD to ask on LinkedIn – pc or mac? Seventeen passionate mac users responded – enthusiastic, witty and articulate. The kind lone pc user didn’t have a chance against this chorus. It was as if the tribe had spoken.

This is my first post on Blanca – my new mac. I have included the image above named MISTY for three reasons. First, I am finally out of my fog of indecision. Second, I am learning how to do things without classes or reading my new 713 page OS-X for Dummies or calling the 1-800 number I paid to have access to. In part, perhaps, this is an ENFP thing but regardless why, my experiential approach leaves me wandering in the mist – finding my way. Third this is a celebration that I can finally add images again – on my old dinosaur- which shall remain nameless – it simply wouldn’t let me insert an image.

Grateful for the relief of action – indecision stifles creativity.

As an aside – I am open to best advice for Mac Lovers. Please leave your suggestions in the comments and I promise to read and apply what I can. Also I am curious if there is a type correlation with who uses what type of computer and why so if you comment and wish to include your MBTI type that would be interesting indeed. 



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3 Responses to “Procrastination Confessions of an ENFP”

Lucia May 9, 2009

Great read from first thing on a Saturday morning on Twitter from Italy. I’ll follow your updates. From – a committed Mac user. I made the switch four years ago and never regretted it.

Jason December 7, 2011

Are you sure that you’re an ENFP, usually an ENFP is more of the impulsive type. Come to think of it you could just not have a very dominant Fi

Sandy McMullen December 7, 2011

You are right Jason. The immediate knowing, the impulse to action. “Okay let’s do it.” That’s what feels right to me and is where I have comfort. The times when I am in the grip of indecision often happen when I think I need to get it right. The other real source of avoidance and procrastination include boring detailed tasks such as invoicing and preparing taxes.