This video clip of an ESFJ gives a hint of their role as a creator of great teams and their love of a challenge to get things on track. There are lots of things that you don’t see here as well. The home office where this was taped was immaculate with all the top of the line equipment – a mega printer/photocopier combo (whish you can see over Greg’s shoulder), a paper shredder, a great chair and desk enhanced with a wonderful piece of art. This was an office that could run a ship in style. Greg is my “go to ” person whenever I need to know where to find the best equipment or way to get something done RIGHT.

Greg is at a point in his career where some people would encourage him to go out on his own as a consultant. The downside for this ESFJ for himself is that it doesn’t satisfy the requisite “people” part of the equation.

Greg is a super bright fellow so his work stands for itself. The truth is he is pretty low key about blowing his own horn, but those who work with Greg quickly come to recognize his capability. The added bonus that he brings to the workplace is that he naturally creates environments where people feel safe enough to contribute their best self. This happens in all circumstances and Greg is a great friend as well as a valued colleague to many.

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