Non-objective abstract painting by artist Sandy McMullen

My ENFP MBTI preferences would indicate that my type could be drained by details and work that is sequential and “close-in”. The truth is that I have been officially obsessed with learning how to use WordPress – specifically the Thesis theme. I am building a new home for my currently available paintings with lots of insights into the life of an artist and tips for buying art.

Why build this alone? You ask. I have been wondering this myself as I am way over my head and out of my ENFP comfort zone. The Reiss Desire Profile provides some insight.

My strongest drivers of behaviour in terms of motivation come from 4 of the 16 Reiss Desires – Expediency, Independence, Acceptance and Curiosity.

The need for Expediency flavours almost everything I do. It is also know as Low Honour and typically I am not interested in the tried and true 12 steps if I think 3 or 5 will get me started. I want to get things rolling. When I have to wait for a webmaster to make changes on my website, it is a rare form of torture for me. So much better to know how to do things myself – the moment I want them done. This goes hand in hand with Independence. Asking for help is not an easy thing although I am consciously trying to open and shift in this area because I believe that the way of wisdom is to tap into the wisdom of others.

Curiosity plays a role here because I absolutely LOVE learning and the internet is a generous teacher. Not only can you find wonderful tutorials online for just about anything, it also gives a sense of being part of something greater than myself when I find the help online that I need.

The fourth component Acceptance plays a small role here as well. When I finally figure out what I want to do with my site I do not want to have to open up the conversation again in order to get someone else such as the webmaster on board. If for some reason they do not agree with my approach, I am thrown into the agony of second-guessing what I am doing.

So the net result is that learning to do something I am not really cut out for makes perfect sense. The thing I need to pay attention to is the energy costs. It drains me mentally and emotionally and frequent breaks are required.

I would be embarrassed to tell you how long it took me to get as far as I am with the new blog I am building. I still have a long way to go and staying the course to get all the details in place is a challenge for my ENFP “starting” nature. The upside is a feeling of accomplishment and pride that I could learn something NEW.

BTW- I have had some very helpful feedback so far and would appreciate any other wisdom. I will incorporate your advice in order to get this site bright and shining and fully “visitor” friendly.

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3 Responses to “Motivation Trumps MBTI Preferences From Time to Time”

Cyndi in BC December 31, 2009

Interesting! I haven’t run across the Reiss profile before.

I’ve been investigating the creation of a WordPress blog too (for the last 6 months), unfortunately, I’m enjoying the research far more than the actual creating.

I will need to change this in 2010. :)

Bill January 8, 2010

The Reiss Motivation Profile is very enlightening and as you mention, works well with MBTI. I’m an INFJ and the Reiss profile provides a good understanding of what motivates me, and other people. His latest book, the Normal Personality has some great case studies – on using the profile as a tool in marriage counseling and with underachieving teenagers. Inspiring to me…that a tool like this can help people achieve what they want to achieve by understanding what motivates them and others.

Sandy McMullen January 8, 2010

Thx Bill – I also found this book of great value and appreciate his examples of applying the insight of the Reiss. I have used it with business partners and life partners to create openness and acceptance. Sometimes giving up trying to “fix” or “change” others and accepting our differences instead works miracles of understanding between people.