ISTJ - How to ge along with me

ISTJ - How to ge along with me

ISTJ’s can zero in on what’s important to get done and they can make that happen. They can work within the system or the team to accomplish the end goal. The ISTJ prefers things and processes that are efficient and useful. If you interrupt, talk too much or show up as vague and unproductive, you are definitely “in the way.”

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One Response to “MBTI Tips from an ISTJ – How to Get Along With Me”

georgiana cameron November 6, 2009

Aaaah, so true. After not living near a daughter, and now in the Autumn of my years, and having moved near her just with a little dog, your statement is verifiable by me. I can not forget who she is, cannot let her statements “get” to me, must really take care of me – and make certain that I accept and honor who I am. I also must, without fair, honor who she is!

Thank the whatever for who I am. It is a gift at this time of life.