INTJ - How to get along with me

INTJ - How to get along with me

This MBTI related workplace tip is a gem. The INTJ can be a great communicator presenting clear and compelling observations and creating clarity around ideas and outcomes for the team. Because their vision of the big picture is so clear they zero in on action toward those goals. They might not appreciate team members who take up a lot of their time being brought up to speed. AND above all else they need people to understand and respect their need for uninterrupted time alone.

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2 Responses to “MBTI Tips from an INTJ – How to Get Along With Me”

keechblush November 19, 2009

i’m waiting for the infp and istp, haha.

Sandy McMullen November 19, 2009

An INFP doodle is scheduled for next week – but if you are on Twitter or Facebook I can get you a preview. http://www.twitter.com/sandymcmullen or http://www.personalityplusinbusiness.com/fanpage

As for the ISTP – If you have a contribution to make I would be delighted to get more SP doodles going.