I have a new toy – my FLIP video. I might have said I have a new addiction, but I’m not sure yet if that’s what it is.

One of the things I appreciate about the way the Enneagram is taught in the oral tradition is that you get to determine your type by watching and engaging in panels of people with that type. As an example, the energy of the exuberant seven style contrasts with the reserved succinct comments of the five panel. When you contrast the whole picture it starts to become apparent what type you resonante with. You get a clearer picture of each type through physical and energetic clues as well as through the content of the commenting and the way each type uses language differently.

With this in mind, I thought that it might be interesting to collect video snapshots of people of different MBTI type preferences to have the same kind of picture to add to our understanding of each type. Hence the purchase of the new and lovely FLIP….

Did I mention that this is a new toy?

This first video clip shows my beginner status, but more importantly it shows the quality of care and attention that an INFJ (P) brings to the table. My daughter Karen and I were guests at friend’s and she wanted to do something special to show her appreciation. Our hosts were an ENFP and INFJ couple, and we had many moments of mutual recognition during our two day stay – “You do that – well I do that too.”

You can watch the video here:
MBTI Snapshots – INFP Morning Off

Note: Must get Karen to do the MBTI Step 2 to clarify her type. It is a bit of the shoemaker’s “barefoot family” syndrome in action

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One Response to “MBTI Snapshot – What does an INFP (J) do on their morning off?”

Nice job on your first video, Sandy. Three things:

1. You can embedd your video in your blog post by copying the embed code from YouTube.

2. Make sure you put the URL for your blog/site in the description on YouTube so people can click through to find out more about you.

3. With the Flip, you need to be no more than 5 feet from your subject so you can get a bit better sound quality from your interview subject.

Look forward to seeing more videos from you!

Blog on!