MBTI Perceivers Special Filing System

This MBTI cartoon aka doodle shows the frustration a person with a Judging preference might feel when their organized approach meets the options oriented approach of someone with a Perceiving preference.

Cool thing is that this interaction happened right in front of my eyes while I was visiting friends. He thought his favourite Bob Marley CD was lost forever. She was wide eyed and innocent that everyone wouldn’t file that way. In fact she was really proud that the CD’s were filed at all. The really funny part for me, is that knowing her the way I do, she might have had a different filing system on a different day. The sad truth is that, I also, can never quite remember what filing methodology made sense to me at the moment. I can totally understand the frustration this creates. I frustrate myself. Grrrr…….

Now where are all those stocking stuffers I bought last July?

Category: Doodles / MBTI Facts
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