Inner Landscapes II

Inner Landscapes II

That’s the name of the game! The MBTI is an opportunity…a vehicle for saying “this is a snapshot of me – how I operate in the world. I hope you find this useful in understanding how to communicate with me.”
Without interacting with the MBTI how do you know how to apply the information? Often people take the inventory and then tuck the report in a drawer. This lack of application was part of my inspiration in doing a series of painting on the Myers Briggs. I wanted to encourage interaction – conversation – sharing of stories, opinions and insights. People came into the gallery and had great conversations about what they liked and why and how that related to their own preferences. “I like the structure in this painting…this other is way too “all over the place.'”

One highlight from that show was a young newly-married couple from Montreal who were vacationing in Toronto and came into the gallery. She was reluctant to look at the work but he was intrigued. It turned out that his type was ISFP and when the young woman read the type description she did a 180. They had a 20 minute conversation in the gallery with her reinterpreting their whole vacation – no longer interpreting his quiet gentle ways as lacking engagement with her. Now that’s a cool insight to have in the first months of marriage instead of building up negative stories about your partner’s behaviour. They both left very excited about their new understanding of each other. This young man actually came back to Toronto for a ball game later in the month and dragged his buddies into the gallery before the game. The buddies were looking for a “brewski” not art so they were not as interactive as my new friend.

Your turn
At my Personality + Business page on Facebook I am having a contest (well actually a draw). Share your MBTI related insights and stories about how who you are (personality type, passions, interests, strengths, values) fits perfectly with what you do at work and at home too.

I will be sending a copy of “Inner Landscapes II” which has images of all of the 33 painting done for the show to one person selected randomly. (how could I judge which story is best?) It also has wonderful type descriptions for Otto Kroeger Associates. These particular descriptions are geared for a business audience. The selection for the winner will be random and done on Aug 30th.

Tell us your story – this is an interactive WIN-WIN possibility. You might win a book and we all win by learning more about applying the MBTI.

See you on Facebook

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