What’s next?
What else?
What’s new?

These three questions swirl and lurk for me all the time. They could simply be a sign of the times as I am one of the masses constantly seek stimulation and distraction. They could be indications of the long distance that I still have to go on any kind of spiritual journey. I also have a hunch they are part of my ENFP DNA. If I could write my ideal job description in one word, it would read – “pay me lots and lots of money to BRAINSTORM”. These questions are like high test fuel to me.

Lately I have been toying with the idea of doing more video for this blog besides the MBTI type interviews. First thought I could do 30 second MBTI video tips.

You know – things like if you are going to meet with someone with a preference for Intuition give the an overview first before you launch into the details.

What that misses for me is the spontaneity of interviewing others. I never plan these video interviews (surprise, surprise) I love what emerges when people reveal an aspect of their MBTI type when we are simply “in the moment” together. I have a harder time being spontaneous by myself. I become stiff and pedantic and that is not a pretty picture.

Next thought was that I could do these tips with props. Then there would be something to interact with. Hmmm Maybe I could have puppets of type… Okay okay… I want to be taken seriously so let’s not DO puppets.

Maybe cartoon characters… Oh Oh I love http://gapingvoid.com Hugh MacLeod’s cartoons. Could I be half that clever? Would people get value from insights presented this way? Could I distill something down to two witty lines and still have it be meaningful? Can I take Hugh’s inspiration and yet not copy but make it my own?

I decided I needed to explore that and see what I could come up with. You never know until you try – right?

Over this long weekend I spent two days subjecting my holiday company to the frenzy of my sketching. If the boys can spend 6 hours chasing a golf ball surely they can look at some line drawings. “What do you like better sketch A or B? How about now? Do you “get” it Huh Huh?” Our houseguests get major points for tolerating my process. Their feedback was so helpful and I even got a laugh or two – that’s a dangerous thing – it is enough to make me want to continue to do more.

As soon as I have something decent enough to show I will ask for your opinion. BTW I am shameless in asking for help – any wit and wisdom you want to share, any topic you want me to explore please pass it on to me. I am a bottom feeder gobbling up ideas like I’m at a Smorgasbord.

I wonder if Hugh has ever been a muse before?

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